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Waves on the Rocks


Whether you are starting your journey or taking sustainability to the next level, project examples can open the door to the range of possibilities.  Check out a few examples below or give us a call so we can talk through your areas of interest.

Industrial Factory


Program development and implementation for a Fortune 500 company to reduce solvent waste and increase circularity in operations.  This multi-stakeholder project achieved a 40% reduction in solvent waste while upholding rigorous standards for process flexibility, safety and regulatory compliance.


This project included sustainable supply chain mapping for a Fortune 100 company.  In addition to clearly defining relationships between suppliers, sourcing locations and business dependencies, the project identified business-relevant carbon reduction opportunities and risk mitigation opportunities.

Machine Engine


Program development for a Fortune 100 Company seeking to achieve a 20% uplift in biodiversity at all internal sites.  The enterprise level program was implemented with an exceptional 100% participation rate and achieving consistency and transparency across the portfolio.


Assessment and technical guidance for a Fortune 100 company seeking to achieve dramatic strides in water efficiency.  This focus property achieved an impressive 30% reduction in water use in 6 weeks with no impact to product.

Modern Beer Brewery
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